Month: December 2018

Modigliani - Portrait de femme

Inside the Art Market: Centers of Influence

The paintings in the living room looked impressive, almost regal. The whopping Pissarro landscape over the fireplace was mesmerizing; but then one noticed a radiant floral still life by Matisse, a portrait by Manet, other works by C├ęzanne, Boudin and assorted Modernists like Utrillo, Soutine and Vlaminck; and on into a gallery in this spacious Northern California house one encountered a Modigliani portrait on one wall, a Van Gogh on another, and scattered pictures by minor 19th century French artists rounding out the rooms. Here was an old-money collection of taste and style, one which, in the booming current art market roiling with new money and eager buyers the world over, should be worth a fortune.

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