The firm advises families, private collectors, estate lawyers, trust companies, private wealth management firms, business advisors, accountants, museums, foundations and other non-profit institutions on all aspects of the art market.

We act solely in the best interests of our clients, with complete transparency, and are skilled in resolving complex issues related to the valuation, authentication and sale of artwork.


Recent News

Inside the Art Market: A Principality of Porcelain

I had been thinking of Letitia Roberts, whom I hadn’t seen in years, when all of a sudden there she was at The Met, checking her bag right next to me at the 81st Street entrance cloakroom on a miserable weekday in March. I was about to use my new membership at the museum by […]

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Mentmore Mansion

Inside the Art Market: Ancestral Attics

Whilst magnificent showrooms in New Bond Street and Madison Avenue were once essential to the cachet of the brand, increasingly the art market and its clients demand greater convenience and flexibility driven by the march of technology and ever-changing collecting trends. —Mallett Letter to Clients, 2017

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Hendrix At Monterey

Inside the Art Market: Rock and Roll Immortality

It is hard to believe that Jimi Hendrix died almost fifty years ago. Changes in musical taste, social values and recording industry fortunes since then have been so profound that 1970 seems many generations removed, ancient history, a black hole. It was a time of free love, of social and philosophical gurus like Abbie Hoffman […]

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