The firm advises families, private collectors, estate lawyers, trust companies, private wealth management firms, business advisors, accountants, museums, foundations and other non-profit institutions on all aspects of the art market.

We act solely in the best interests of our clients, with complete transparency, and are skilled in resolving complex issues related to the valuation, authentication and sale of artwork.


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Monet Marre Basse aux Petites

Inside the Art Market: An Empire of Expectations

“All the servants have gone from Polesden Lacey except for the housemaid, whom I have reengaged.  I met there Mr. Abbey of Christie’s who has completed the inventories of all the contents save the pictures.  I went round the rooms with Abbey who pronounced that there is hardly a piece of furniture of museum worth, […]

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Theme Songs

Inside the Art Market: Theme Songs

One had to squint in reading the tiny caption beneath the watercolor drawing by the great English painter Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) illustrated on page 149 of a Christie’s catalogue in mid-April of this year. The tantalizing caption read: “actual size.”  But was this true?

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Celebrity Sale

Inside the Art Market: A Celebrity Sale

Sales at the old and venerable auction houses of Sotheby’s and Christie’s are often a sort of eulogy, celebrating the life and times of a prominent individual as glimpsed through an art collection.  The marketing and promotional rumblings that attend such sales, especially if involving a very famous name, can be noisy and theatrical.  And […]

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