The firm advises families, private collectors, estate lawyers, trust companies, private wealth management firms, business advisors, accountants, museums, foundations and other non-profit institutions on all aspects of the art market.

We act solely in the best interests of our clients, with complete transparency, and are skilled in resolving complex issues related to the valuation, authentication and sale of artwork.


Recent News

Inside the Art Market: Pictures at the Ballet

How many triumphant evenings, what miracles of artistry, what gasps of admiration, what beating hearts and clapping hands, what Arabian nights do these scenes and dresses represent, which are now to be sold to the highest bidder?                                                                         —Richard Buckle, Sotheby’s Catalogue, July 1968

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The Value of a Letter

Inside the Art Market: The Value of A Letter

Writing to an acquaintance in a letter dated February 17, 1947, Diana Vreeland, the flamboyant fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar, recounted a recent trip to California and all the wondrous sights she had beheld there. In sentences bursting with impressions thrown off like vivid, colorful splats on a canvas, she conjures up scenes of film […]

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Inside the Art Market: A Painting in Maui

“Why the Art World is Desperately Seeking Forgotten Artists”  — headline, 9/16/16 The road to Hana is an adventure, especially in a heavy rain when boulders may come down and mudslides close the road. I arrived at the airport in Kahului from San Francisco in late afternoon, picked up my rental car and was on […]

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